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From laboratory studies to clinical trials, the UC Davis Institute for Psychedelics and Neurotherapeutics is at the forefront of understanding how psychedelics impact the brain with revolutionary potential for the development of novel safe, effective, and scalable medicines for treating some of society’s most devastating neurological and psychiatric conditions.

At this critical moment, we invite you to join us in advancing leading-edge neuroscience and drug discovery that opens new doors to healing the brain. Your partnership will allow us to recruit and retain top researchers from around the globe and accelerate our work to make breakthrough solutions available to people who need them most.

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Support IPN with a gift to the Institute for Psychedelics and Neurotherapeutics Support Fund 

Giving Opportunities

Name a prestigious faculty chair or professorship.
Endowing faculty positions will accelerate transformational research by helping us recruit and retain world-class scholars who are breaking new ground in the areas of psychedelics and neurotherapeutics.
Endow a chair: Starting at $2 million
Endow a professorship: Starting at $1.5 million

Name a postdoctoral or graduate fellowship. 
Endowing post doctoral and graduate fellowships will launch the next generation of researchers and physician-scientists to lead tomorrow's breakthroughs.
Endow a post-doctoral research fellowship: Starting at $1 million
Endow a graduate student fellowship: Starting at $250,000
Current-use funds to support a graduate student fellowship: Starting at $200,000

Name a faculty research fund or establish a postdoctoral, graduate or undergraduate research award. 
Endowing faculty research will create a permanent source of funding to advance innovation and discovery in psychedelics and neurotherapeutics. Graduate research awards allow outstanding early-career researchers to support faculty in their labs and clinics.
Endow faculty research funds: Starting at $250,000
Name current-use faculty research funds: Starting at $50,000
Graduate research awards: Starting at $50,000

Foster and sustain emerging research.
Permanent funding for the Institute's individual lab programs will secure our ability to pursue innovative research in many directions.
Endow the innovation seed grand funds: $1 million
Help create the pilot research grant program: Starting at $500,000

Accelerate our ability to conduct new clinical trials. 
Clinical trials are a critical step in assuring the safety and efficacy of new therapeutics. Your gift will put more trials within reach sooner, and bring therapies to people more quickly. 
Establish and name a clinical trial excellence fund: Starting at $100,000
Current-use gifts: Starting at $50,000

Support the Institute's operations endowment. 
Ensure continued impact with a gift that supports all aspects of the Institute's work and promotes new areas of discovery. 
Goal: $4 million
Unrestricted gifts: Starting at $25,000

Increase access to patient care for new therapeutics. 
Help us increase patients' access to novel treatments by supporting a clinic that expands availability and seeds new services.
Make a gift to sustain our clinic: Starting $50,000

Prepare the next generation of physicians. 
In this emerging frontier for patient care, seeing new interventions at work in the clinical setting is essential training for medical students, residents and fellows.
Fund essential clinical training: Current-use gifts of any size

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